School Uniforms

Champion is a leading provider for school uniforms to both public and private schools. 

See why Champion stands out from the others.

  • We have a showroom with in stock inventory
  • Dressing rooms to try on your uniform.
  • Open on Saturdays and extended hours during the week for peak season before school starts.
  • Order any time day or night with an online site for your school. Choose pick up or delivery to the school.
  • Custom ordered items usually ready for pickup within a week.
  • Custom built flyers and other marketing materials to promote the uniforms.
  • Full time customer support and Bilingual support.
  • In-house decoration.  We embroider or print your school crest or logo on all apparel items in house.
  • Setup at registration to take pre-sell orders for the new school year.

Are you looking to start offering uniforms to your student body or needing a new uniform partner?

Email us today to learn more on why Champion Promotion is your best choice in managing your schools Uniform Program.

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